Grand Slam Grand Opening!

Hey cheesesteak fans! This past Friday, we had our first experience out and about with our first trailer. We were set to be there from 11AM-2PM but showed up early to get a good spot and make sure we were squared away for the lunch rush.

We found a prime location and began setup. A few other trucks joined and the lunch craze began. What a fun day. We served a limited menu but had many people come by!

That was a great first run. Now, we’re going to tweak all things necessary to make sure everything’s running smoothly. We’re getting another truck in this week and we’ll have to put everything in it and get it ready to roll.

Until then, check out some picture from our first run as Champion Cheesesteak!

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Almost Ready to Roll

We’re almost there! We’re putting the finishing touches on our trucks and we’ll be launching hopefully a week from tomorrow! In the mean time, here are some pictures!

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Drive-able Deliciousness

If you spend any time in our lovely city during meal hours, it’s highly likely that you’ve encountered a food truck. If you’ve never bought lunch out of the back of a truck in Atlanta, it’s about time you did. There’s something different about it. The great sense of community involved in the whole experience is addicting. The “atmosphere” is laid back, it promotes the making of new friends, and people who frequent food trucks tend to be kindred spirits with a little bit of granola in their souls. You can’t go wrong.

What kind of foods do food trucks have? One of the greatest plusses to a food truck treat is the myriad of choices laid before your hungry self. In one afternoon, you have the opportunity to enjoy some all organic and locally grown goodness, Korean Barbecue, and a handmade and strangely scrumptious Coconut Lemongrass popsicle… if you wish.

Food truck owners are unique and cultured individuals. “They’re good people.” They know what people like and they bring it to where the people are. Venture out into the unknown and take on the challenge of deciding what to order while you’re staring at a line of drivable deliciousness.

We can’t wait to send our Champion Cheesesteak trucks into the city and embrace the food truck fleet as family. Stay tuned for updates as we prepare for the launch of our savory sandwich!

Check out this article by Access Atlanta, join the ‘Food Truck Revolution’ and have a mobile meal every once in a while!

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Have you been to Atlanta’s Urban Picnic?

In case you’re just coming out of winter hibernation, we have an exciting new event to share with you!

Back in March, the Atlanta Street Food Coalition debuted Atlanta’s own Urban Picnic – a food festival centered on delicious meals and treats served up by food trucks. This event took place at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, and – not surprisingly – it was a hit!

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Urban Picnic, the Atlanta Street Food Coalition has decided to host monthly events, on the last Friday of every month during lunch hours.

This event gives visitors the chance to try a variety of dishes in a fun environment. And guess what? Cheesesteaks will soon be on the menu!

Champion Cheesesteaks will be part of the Atlanta Street Food Coalition and an Urban Picnic participant.

Not only is this event a lot of fun, it also brings attention to the fact that street food is virtually non-existent in Atlanta because of the state’s old-fashioned and outdated health rules and regulations.

We invite you to be a part of the food truck revolution and sign this petition to legalize street food in Atlanta.

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It’s a Food Truck Revolution!

Gourmet food that comes to you? Get ready, Atlanta, the Food Truck Revolution is coming!

Other major cities across the country have already been swept by food trucks, and they’re the next big thing in Atlanta. As demand rises, you will be seeing more mobile food kitchens, thanks in part to the Atlanta Street Food Coalition.

Imagine the convenience of stepping outside your office or leaving the bar at night to find a food truck parked outside – a delicious meal only steps away! Casual, affordable and tasty food is the name of the game.

Champion Cheesesteaks is getting started in North Metro Atlanta, and we’re preparing to serve you the best cheesesteaks you’ve ever had, fries that will have you coming back, and more!

One of our owners, Roy, was the past Founder of Philly Connection and in 2007, he opened Roy’s Cheesesteaks in Smyrna, Ga. before selling it in 2010. So you can rest assured we know the recipe for the best, most authentic cheesesteaks around!

Not only have we mastered our recipes, all of our ingredients are fresh, hormone-free and cooked on-site in our mobile kitchens.

We know you’re busy and on the move, so we’re here to offer you a delicious meal on the go. See you on the streets, Atlanta!

Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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